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Crown Tattoos

Lets face it people, we all wouldn't mind feeling a little royal from time to time, and what better way to fulfill that ambition of royalty than getting a beautiful crown tattoo masterpiece inked. Unless of course you're second in line to the kings throne...

Crown tattoos look grand as a stand alone design, however many people choose to add another figure into the mix, often an animal such as a lion wearing a crown is requested by tattoo enthusiasts, but you can just as easily place a crown on your favorite animal of choice and have a fabulous tattoo that matches your own personal style.

Give this picture gallery a look and perhaps discover a cool crown tattoo that appeals to you.

Crown tattoos go together perfectly with designs such as hearts, jewels and stars.

There are countless crown variations to choose from so make sure you do some quality research.

Crown tattoos look exceptional on almost any area of the human body, but some of the most popular locations include the chest, back and upper arm. However its hard to go wrong with such a prestigious work of art, given that your artist is up to par. Which is extremely important for anyone seeking ink.


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